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On this page you'll find the newest initiatives that AASI Swimming have implemented in proportion to Corona. The page will regularly be updated.

Date: 01/11/2020

The number of people who can participate to a normal swimming practice have been increased to 15 people. These 15 people include 14 members and 1 opener/lifeguard. The reason that the number of participants have increased to 15 is due to the fact that lane 4 is no longer in use when at practice. Thus creating the necessary space between the two swim-groups. This counts for every 2. monday, wednesdays, thursdays and sundays.  

The number of people who can participate in waterpolo/swimming have been increased to 16 people. These 16 people include 15 members and 1 opener/lifeguard. The reason that the number of participant have increased to 16 people is due the fact that waterpolo is a team sport, which means that 10 people can participate. These 10 people includes 9 members and 1 opener/lifeguard. Moreover, is lane 4 not in use thus creating the necessary space between the two swim groups and on lane 5 and 6 can there be a total number of 3 pr. lane. Thus making it 6 people to participate in swimming. This counts for tuesdays. 

The number of people who can participate in underwater rugby is still 10 which includes 9 members and 1 opener/lifeguard. This counts for every 2. monday. 

Furthermore, would we like to turn your attention to the following...

  • Total number of 3 pr. lane
  • Total number of 10 people in the changing rooms - which means that sometimes you can be asked to wait in the entrance hall until there is room for you.
  • Lane 4 is not in use
  • Registration for practice still takes place on our Facebook page.
  • Follow us on our Facebook page for more information about corona updates and possible cancellations and more.

Date: 26/10/2020

Due to the new Corona restrictions, that the government issued the 23 October, only 10 people can participate to a training. These 10 includes 1 opener and 9 swimmers. From the 26 October will there be made Facebook posts where you'll have to register to a training by commenting the post. These posts will be posted 12.00 the day before the training in question. Swimcrew have the right to ask people who has not registered or is not included in the first 9 people who registered to leave the swimminghall if the number exceeds 10 people. Therefore, we recommend that you become a member of our Facebook page where you'll get all the necessary information from Swimcrew regardring cancellation, events, registration posts, Corona etc.

These registration posts will be in use until the ban on gatherings is raised to higher number.