New players

You have 4 free practices you can attend to before deciding if you want to play at the club. New players dont need to sign up for practice, just turn up.

Membership fees are 400,- or 450,- depending on, if you include winter practice at Aab (For more info check our facebook page) 

When and where?
All practices can be seen on Holdsport, where everyone should sign up for every practice they attend. All the teams use Holdsport! To be invited to Holdsport, contact the coach of your team.

The men is practicing every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Domen Fibigerstræde 14, 9220Aalborg. The time is 19:00-21:00 until the end of the season for the 2nd team and 17:00-18:30 for the 1st team.

The women is practicing every Monday and Wednesday at Domen Fibigerstræde 14, 9220Aalborg. The time is 17:00-18:30 until the end of the seaon.

Winther practice is going on from February till the end of March. They will be held at Hornevej 2, 9220 Aalborg Øst from 21:30-23:00. Please refer to Holdsport for any changes in times and days.


For any questions regarding the practice – please contact the respective coaches of the teams.


The membership fee is the same for both men and women. The payment is done through Holdsport, where we will send e-mails when it’s time to pay.

The price is 400,- DKR for one season, 450,- DKR if you want winter practice and 200,- DKR for new members who want to join the indoor practice only. If you are new and join while we practice indoor, you will get the winter practice for free.

Both of the mens team have penalty fees. You should get familiar with the rules, if you don’t want to pay up in the end of the season. The money from the penalty fees, will be used however the teams want i.e. a party with food and whatever they feel like.

Spring season 2017

The spring is coming right around the corner, and we'll soon start preparing for a hopefully great season.
We'll start winther practice on Monday the 6th of February, and continue until the end of April before moving back to Domen.

The past season was a hectic, but still a great season! Our new coaching team on the first team, lead their team to a promotion getting us back into series 4. What a debut! Our second team landed a 2nd place, with Danny and Mads also debuting as coaches. Maybe next season, they aim for 1st place?! The veteran coach and his assistant, Mads and Rikke, always aim high - this also resulted in a 2nd place for womens team.
Allover, it was a great season, placement wise.
The move to Domen was not all it was promised to be. We were promised a 2nd division field with water, lights, dressing rooms and all that follows with such a promise. Sadly, this wasn't the case.
We had robots mowing the grass in circles, no water in the start, nowhere to dress and needed proper conditions for hosting matches.

For this coming season I beg all members to have patience and to remember that all of the staff, are working as hard as they can, to make sure conditions are as optimal as they can be.
We have the prospect of having dressing rooms in april, when we get back to Domen.

I personally hope to see both old as well as new faces this coming season.
See you all at practice!

Best regards
The Chairman



AASI fodbolds uindtagelige fort ligger ved Aalborg Universitet. Det er her klubben træner i sommerperioden og afvikler sine hjemmekampe. Banens dimension er: 100 x 60 meter.

Kørselsvejledning til dommere: AASI Fodbold anbefaler dommere, som skal dømme AASI fodbolds hjemmekampe på Aalborg Universitet (Domen), at parkere på den vestlige side af domen. For at komme til AASIs hjemmebane "Domen" skal du køre til Aalborg Universitet på Pontoppidanstræde i Aalborg Øst.

Winther practice

AASI is training at AAB's artificial pitches at Hornevej 2, 9220.
For information about times, days and practice matches please refer to our Holdsport or one of the coaches.