Welcome to AASI Swimming

In AASI Swimming there is room for every level of experience - Everything from the newly hatched waterdog to the old, experienced swimmer. At training you are your own coach - Meaning that there is no trainer on the pool side, no mandatory trainings and no fixed training sessions where you have to show up. At AASI Swiming you create your own program and decide when you want to come and train. Besides swimming AASI Swimming also offers team based sports such as underwater rugby and waterpolo. These are described below.

AASI Swimming is driven by volunteers who are always ready to give a helping hand, a tip or inspiration to a program when needed. The volunteers handle everything from administrative to practical work in the club. I.e. the chairperson, kassér and openers are all volunteers, who are enthusiastic about the club and the fellowship that comes with it. If you are interested in becoming a part of the team, who runs AASI Swimming, you can send an e-mail to svomningformand@aasisport.dk and hear about how you can help.

AASI Swimming is more than just a sport. We strive to create a social network amongst our members by arranging theme days, social events and by working volunteer work to help the club.

AASI Swimming can be found in Østre Allé Svømmesal: Samsøgade 45, 9000 Aalborg.

Most often asked questions and answers as well as terms & conditions, can be found here on FAQ and Terms&Conditions.

Underwater rugby

Underwater rugby is played in the deep end of the pool where a goal is placed on the bottom to each side of the pool. The players are equipped with a snorkel, a scuba mask and flippers and divided into two teams who has to fight for a saltwater filled ball and get it into the goal. Underwater rugby are played in every dimension (Up/down, back/forth and from side to side). The game require technique and tactics but also strength and physical fitness.

The team consist of a mix of newbies and experienced player of both sexes. All levels are welcome to underwater rugby - meaning it does not matter if you are an experience swimmer/diver or not. There is room for everybody on the team. Besides it does not take long to get used to the snorkel!


Waterpolo is played in the deep end of the pool where goal is placed on either side of the pool. A team consist of six players and a goalkeeper. Every player wears hat - thus making it is easier to recognize a team member from an opponent. When the game starts the teams have to fight for the ball and score the most goals.

The water polo training lasts two hours and consists of a warm-up, physical fitness- as well as technique training and at last there be a will be a short game between two teams. The training is lead by a volunteer and the team consist of newbies and experienced players of both sexes. Everybody is welcome to join in on the training - there is room for everybody!


Price & Registration

The price for a season is 450 DKK and the registration takes place by clicking on the AASI Swimming 20/21 Sign-up Sheet and filling in the form. Your registration is valid when 450 DKK has been transferred to our account - the acount and reg. number is placed in the top of the sign-up sheet. When the club have confirmed your transfer then you will receive a confirmation on mail.

Training schedule & Season start

Season 20/21 starts Tuesday the 01/09/2020 and ends Thursday the 24/06/2021. The training schedule is as follows:

Weekday: Time: Sport:
Monday 21.15 - 23.00 Underwater Rugby
Tuesday 21.00 - 23.00 Swimming* & Waterpolo
Wednesday 21.30 - 22.30: Swimming
Thursday 21.30 - 22.30: Swimming
Sunday 15.00 - 16.00 Swimming

*NB. On Tuesdays Swimming stops at 22.00 and waterpolo continues to 23.00.

The opener will arrive 5-10 minutes before the concerned training time. This gives the opener and the members time to change and be ready to go into the pool at the scheduled training time. NB. Members and the opener HAVE TO have left the pool before the end of the scheduled training time. Thus if the training ends at 23.00 then the members shall leave the water 15-30 minutes before 23.00 hence there is time to change and leave the pool before 23.00.

Cancellations & holidays

Østre Allé Svømmesal follows the holidays of the public schools. Thus the pool will be closed and training be be cancel in these periods. To give you an overview of which days that are in concern, they are listed below:

  • Autum break: 10. October - 18. October
  • Christmas break: 23. December - 3. January
  • Winter break: 20. February - 28. February
  • Easter holiday: 27. Marts - 5. April
  • General Prayer Day holiday: 30. April - 2. May
  • Ascension Day-holiday: 13. May - 16. May
  • Whitsun holiday: 22. May - 24. May
  • Constitution Day: 5. June
  • Summer vacation: 25. June

Cancellations and holidays will be announced on our Facebook page.