It is NOT ALLOW to go into the water before the opener has arrived and given permission to go into the water. 

Safety rules:

  • There has to be at least two people present before it is permitted to go into the water. I.e. An opener and a member. Not two members.
  • Always bring your health insurance card in case of emergencies.
  • In the event of an accident, always do what the opener tells you to do.
  • The same rules are applied in this swimming pool as any other swimming pool when regarding washing, the use of sauna and when staying in and near the pool in general. In some cases, can there occur special incidents where other rules are applied.
  • The opener is a lifeguard and thereby responsible for the safety in the swimming pool. Therefore, the lifeguard may decide whether the training can be completed in a safe manner.
  • The opener can at any time interrupt and stop the training.
  • Inappropriate or unsafe conduct can lead to expulsion from the training. For severe circumstances, the member can be sentenced to suspension or kicked out of the organization.
  • If any inappropriate or unsafe conduct is witnessed, contact should be made to one of the lifeguards or other volunteers. (An overview of the volunteers is to be found on the webpage or in the entrance hallway to the swimming pool.)
  • Safety rules regarding Covid-19 shall be respected.

General rules in the club: 

  • You have to be a member of the club to participate in the training. I.e. guests, that are not a member, are not welcomed.


Q: Problems with the alarm or the swimming hall or the swimming hall has not been opened (missing opener)

A: Contact the chairperson (Laura) on her phone: 42 91 80 88. You are also welcome to send an email to the chairperson. You must notify the Swimcrew if there occur any issues – since if we do not hear anything, we expect that everything is in order and that the members are satisfied.

Q: How do I know if I am a member / if the payment of my membership subscription has been registered

A: When the money transfer has been registered you will receive a confirmation email that will confirm your registration. If you have not heard received an email or heard from us within a week or more for your payment of the membership, please send an email to svomningformand@aasisport.dk

Q: What is the price of the membership?

A: The membership price is 450DKK pr. season (From the beginning of September to the middle of June).  The membership price is the same regardless of the time of the season you enroll on the team.

Q: Why is it so cheap?

A: We run the club on a low budget without any salaried positions. The club has a chairman and a cashier who are responsible for the budgets and finances of the association. Besides the chairman and the cashier, the board consists of appx. 6-8 persons, who are responsible for opening and closing the swimming hall, host events, provide training, etc. The club provides free training and pays 1200DKK a year in compensation to the volunteers.

Q: How many members are there?

A: We have stipulated a limit of 50 members of the association. Measured against the 5 hours of swimming time during the week, this gives an average of 15 swimmers per training, if we anticipate an average amount of 1 to 2 hours of training per person per week. 

Q: How many people can there be at a training session? 

A: Swimcrew has set the limit at 24 people. I.e. 4 people pr. lane. If the limit exceeds 24 people, Swimcrew has the right to ask the last met swimmers to come to training another day. 

Q: I enrolled on the waiting list but how long can I expect to wait about whether I got a spot?

A: Unfortunately, it is difficult to say when you'll be contacted about an open spot on the team. Since it requires a member to have dropped out of the team and it also depends on where on the waiting list you are placed. If you have placed further down the list, it requires the person(s) above you have declined the spot. 

Q: Is it possible to try out a training session before I enroll on the team as well as pay the contingent?

A: In general, no we don't offer a training try out before enrollment but try writing to us on svomningformand@aasisport.dk then we can figure out another solution. For example, could we show you around under a training session. 

Q: When is the pool closed?

A: The pool follows the public schools holiday schedule. The list of dates that this revolves around can be found on the Swimming page.  

Q: Where do you swim?

A: The swimming takes place in Østre Allé Svømmehal: Samsøgade 45, 9000 Aalborg. The entrance is next to the ice-skating/ice hockey arena. Below you will find a map and pictures from Google Streetview.

streetviewkort til hjemmeside